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Effective Real Estate Online Marketing


Presence on online platforms is an important component for real estate marketing. Professional marketing strategists do apply these platforms to market their services. It is essential for professionals to gather capabilities and features entailed in online marketing to satisfy the changing needs in the contemporary market. This is crucial considering that consumers today are interested in precise information that comes in a convenient manner. It is a position highly consider by inboundREM, a Real Estate Blog about online marketing


Statistics from Online Consultation show that at least 92% of home buyers get their information about homes on the internet. Similarly, 65% of those using the internet to buy homes travel physically to view the homes seen on the internet. Finally, 45% of buyers go to the internet first to search for homes. The difference between success and failure in real estate marketing is the presence on the internet. Presence on the internet is significant because it helps in increasing new leads and customers for the business.


First, real estate agents must use responsive Web designs. They have to put in place mobile-friendly sites considering the increased number of website visitors who use mobile phones. The circumstance makes a responsive web design a necessity. A responsive web design describes a design that remains fluid. Using responsive web deigns comes with increased higher conversion rates. It improves the number of people accessing the content within the platform. Secondly, real estate agents have to create local content. Such content must be customized to help home sellers and buyers. Watch this:


It is common to find sellers and buyers taking time on the internet searching for information. The case is common with first time buyers. The content must also cover basics on your location. Those moving to news areas find fun in statistics, facts, events, schools and neighborhoods. Real estate brokers must also capture emails. It starts by building a list of emails. The site must request for email of the visitor so that they supply new updates always.


The value of this is that visitors have to sign up between Facebook and emails. It keeps the name of the real estate agent in the minds of users. The broker could set up Zapier integration between the email marketing system and CRM. It helps in learning more of the newsletter subscribers such as the one installed by Robert Newman Real Estate Blogger. Learn about real estate marketing from this guy. He explains that, it carries the potential to convert subscribers into leads for the business. Importantly, ask visitors to review your site. Reviews that are valuable to the business must never be avoided. Placester Review posits that any content that praises the site must be induced into leaving a review at inboundrem.